How to IMPROVE Your Voice - 5 Vocal Elements You Must Know

Do You Feel Surprised Or Disappointed When You Hear Your Own Voice In A Recording? Do You Even Hate The Sound Of Your Own Voice? If so, then you’re not alone. According to experts it’s common to dislike the way your voice sounds. In fact, not liking the sound of your own voice is so common that there’s a term for it: Voice Confrontation.

In this video, I’ll help you to confront your voice by understanding 5 essential vocal elements hacks and I will also give you a few examples for you to practice at home.

Learn more about how to use and fluctuate the pitch, volume, rhythm, timbre (timber) and expressiveness of your voice.

Practice daily the expressiveness and emphasis exercise below 👇👇👇

To work expression into your voice you will need to practice varying the elements of sound: volume, pitch, rhythm, and timbre.

Read this next sentence aloud:

“I cannot give her your jacket.”

Depending on how you vary the vocal elements, you can give this sentence any of several meanings. Begin by saying the sentence aloud, emphasizing the first word with added volume. Continue repeating the sentence, each time emphasizing a different word:

I cannot give her your jacket.” (Someone else could)

"I cannot give her your jacket." (I implied it. I emphasize it.)

"I cannot give her your jacket." (Maybe I could land it to her.)

"I cannot give her your jacket." (I could give to someone else.)

"I cannot give her your jacket." (I could give another person’s jacket.)

"I cannot give her your jacket." (Maybe I can give her another item of yours)






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