What Is Your Speaking Pace? Are You a Gladiator in a Suit or a Sniper on a Hill? Take the Test.

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E1S12- What Is Your Speaking Pace? Take A Free Verbal Fluency Test | Are you a Gladiator in a Suit or a Sniper on the Hill?


This monologue contains 170 words, record yourself and see how many words can you say in 60 seconds. The average conversational rate pace ranges between 140 - 170 words per minute (wpm), if you're able to read the text below in one minute your pace is normal and good for public speaking, if you read it in 35 seconds, your pace is extremely fast as shown in the example on the video.

[ You did apply for a job, the way I know you applied for a job is the way I have your resume on my ipad. And the way I know you killed puppies to get this job, is the way that you stop breathing when I said the name Olivia Pope, which is a tale, your tale, which you should look at, because I’m gonna offer you a crap salary and you’re gonna have to take it because you never really learned how to stop breathing in and out without stopping. But don't feel bad, cause we all get paid crap salaries because we’re the good guys, I’m a good guy, which means I generally don't lie which I just did to you. This is not a job interview. Olivia already told me to hire you, the job is yours if you want it, best job you’ll ever have. You’ll change lives, slay dragons, love a lot more than you have ever dream. Because Olivia Pope is as amazing as they say. ]

In this series you'll learn storytelling, body language, vocal power, debate techniques and the skills necessary to command an audience’s attention, entertain and inform them, and present yourself as a confident and memorable speaker.

Public Speaking is one of the most important and most dreaded forms of communication. At #GOIacademy​​​​​ we help individuals with tools, resources and lots of online practice.

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