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Meet our first speakers for GOI Barcelona 2016 at the Mobile World Centre.

Here's a bit of their story and what motivates them to be leaders and innovators within the business community, their industry, or in their area of expertise and who are willing to impart their knowledge, insights, and personal stories to inspire us all.

Multinational Leader - Creator & Innovator at GOI

Born in Amsterdam Eric is a business man that leads and inspires hundreds of people day after day.


Bold and innovative, Eric believes business success is always linked around something that you love doing - something that is inherently and endlessly interesting to share with the World.

Inspirational Business Woman

Bruna loves challenging people to embrace the adventure of there enterpreneurship and looks forward to turning dreams in to facts that truly happen.


Born in a small town in south of Brazil, she learned from the heart of her family the perks and joys of running many different business, she went on to work in big coorporations and dirived opportunities to do marketing for the non profit sector, until one day, life brought her to London and a few years later settled in Barcelona.


A passionate professional (and mother of two) that is always looking deeply into the her inner self to ask the right questions to find the right answers in just one place…the heart

Creator & Director

Originally from Mar del Plata, Argentina, Nicolás Martinelli shaped a career in musical theatre in his native country. In 2013 Nicolás moved to Spain to play Jean Valjean in the Spanish tour of Les Miserables. After one year and a half touring  across Spain, he decided to settle down for a while and spend some time between Spain and Argentina.


Firstly unconsciously he started a self-exploring process that resulted in his current project, Club Sincrónica, where gifted and talented people working together and truly connected with each other are united to create multi-sensory experiences - or journeys as they also like to call them - for people.


The goals are set to create and strengthen networks that promote connections between inner and outer universes, but also to help in the development of brand new life philosophies linked to the Arts and the environment, restoring a more equal, fair and better world for everyone.

Business Coach & Motivational Speaker

Born In the British Black country Andrew left England’s shores to start a new life with his Catalan girlfriend in Barcelona.


That particular romance didn’t last but his love affair with Barcelona is still going strong. 15 years on Andrew is now a proud father of three and professional freelance business/personal coach and guide who loves to share the history of this great nation and his own personal experiences in Catalunya.


Guaranteeing an entertaining unique blend of factual and personal anecdotes.

Mind/Body Coach and Writer

Rob is an English man in Barcelona. With his partner Sylvia, they are expecting their first child this year.


Rob has been training elite athletes and high performers for most of his life. He is interested in mind/body work combining psychology, eastern and western medicine and the body as bio-computer to help people reach their optimum promise.


Rob travels all over the world guiding his clients through their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pain that is preventing them from fulfilling their true potential.


Currently he is writing a book about how eastern and western medicine can be combined to instantly resolve pain by treating the body as a biocomputer.

Entrepreneur & Visionary

The journey is the adventure.  Born in the UK, Edward went to the Haas Business School in Cal Berkeley before working in finance in NY and London. 


After travelling in Africa and South America for two years he settled in Bcn with his wife.  After 7 years in Bcn Edward has started three businesses, Lavalocker, Green Bean Coaching and his latest Mayordomo - Butler Box. 


Entrepreneurial and adventurous his passion in business is seeing an idea turn to a reality that turns into a well-run business.


It is the business journey and who you meet along the way that he enjoys.   

Multinational Leader & Influencer

Debra has a unique and often original view on life and work that has enabled her to experience life in her own innovative way.

She was born in London, lived in Holland as a fashion designer for several years then returned to London where she did a 100 degree spin and entered the business world.

Debra now has her own consultancy company and she has guided and influenced business choices and lead global projects for some of the most recognised multi-national companies - including Coca-Cola, Rentokil, Kellogg's and easyJet.

Her design training in a business environment ensures that she provides solutions that will provide contemporary 'outside the box' solutions and thinking.

Debra has an enthusiasm for her work and life that is often inspirational to those who come into contact with her professionalism and personality.

Curator & Head of GOI

Patricia's moto in business, and in life, is to enjoy what you do.


Born in Rio de Janeiro, Patricia grew up among entrepreneurs who hope for business everywhere; and one of the main lessons she'd learned is that if you don’t have the passion to keep you going, the routine will exhaust you.

If you love what you do, you can create a culture, a movement, a force, a way of life that will not only motivate yourself but everyone else that crosses your path.

Enthusiam can be contagious and the message is clear;  INSPIRE others along your way, be joyful and that's the biggest reward.


Nicolas Martinelli
Nicolas Martinelli
Debra Evans
Debra Evans
Robert Brinded
Robert Brinded
Edward Hamilton
Edward Hamilton
Bruna Schwerz
Bruna Schwerz
Eric de Keizer
Eric de Keizer
Patricia Curty
Patricia Curty
Andrew Pitt
Andrew Pitt
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