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Public Speaking Trainer & Tour Storyteller

Andrew is a natural motivator, presenter, public speaking business trainer, who has amassed thousands of stellar reviews with his incredible tours in Barcelona and has received praise on his 21st century presentation style from all over the world. 


Having coached and mentored people from all walks of life including politicians, sports people, business leaders and actors. Andrew prides himself on his ability to bring out the best in others, helping them discover, attain and surpass there goals.

Andrew is an avid storyteller with a background in theater, history and fine art. He designs and creates unique experiences in Barcelona bringing information, knowledge and entertainment. 


Co-founder of Gallery of Ideas, Andrew is realising his ambitions by helping others to overcome their fear of public speaking, become more eloquent in the art form and achieve there personal goals.

Committed, professional, creative are only a few worlds that come to mind when I think about Andrew.


I was very fortunate to be coached by Andrew for my public speaking performance. As a coach for the art of communication he walks the talk and his coaching sessions show accordingly. I was particularly impressed by Andrew’s ability to identify one’s individual public speaking needs and to unveil the natural talent to speak with presence and authenticity.


You’ll get absolute honesty from Andrew, but in a way that builds your confidence and makes you improve continuously. He equipped me with tools to become a better speaker and gave me the courage to drive change in my career. As a talented, enthusiastic, inspiring coach, combined with his extensive knowledge of communication practices and techniques, Andrew is my go-to recommendation for any individual and business.

Margarita Uskova

Barcelona, Spain

"I have had the privilege of meeting Andrew recently. Andrew is an entrepreneur and an expert on verbal and non-verbal communication. He uses unique ways to communicate ideas, and has the capability of teaching you how to convey your message.


As a creative thinker who possesses a kind attitude, Andrew is a pleasure to work with. I absolutely recommend him as your coach for communication and public speaking skills. "

Marc Bara

Barcelona, Spain

I have had the chance to have Andrew as public speaking coach. With Andrew I have learnt that public speaking is not only about knowledge and language, but the art of communication.


Andrew, with simple but powerful tools and techniques has taught me to express myself in a more powerful way. Andrew is genuinely a communicator, highly skilled as coach and efficient in working.  He has ability to reflect on a person's thoughts beyond the words to make the message more simple and stronger expressed. 

I am with pleasure recommending Andrew as your public speaking coach for any business or occasion you might have. I wish Andrew the best and good luck with his communication adventure in Gallery of Ideas.

Majeed Hosseiney

Barcelona, Spain

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Online Courses 



Introduction to the Course M1-LE1

Become a good communicator, have clear objectives and create effective business systems to attain results that are consistent, measurable, and ultimately beneficial. 

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50% off



Identifying Your Strengths M2-LE4

In this module, you'll learn what makes a good business, how to free your time, discovering what you're good at. In this module, you'll get self-evaluation questions.

Member's Discount

50% off



How to Communicate Your Ideas M3-LE7

This module comprises A to Z guide to Storytelling and a brief introduction to body language decoding common gestures. You'll also learn how to make your elevator pitch.

Member's Discount

50% off



How to Sale Your Ideas M4-LE7

From Pre-sales to sales, learn the right tools for the job, getting organised, buying persona, creating your pitch, closing and repeat.

Member's Discount

50% off



How to Market Your Ideas M5-LE4

Marketing research and strategy are a multifaceted undertaking task, in this module, you'll learn how to to do marketing research refining your strategy.

Member's Discount

50% off



The Entrepreneurial Mindset M6-LE4

Many people talk about the entrepreneurial mindset, but what is it and more importantly how to keep yourself motivated learning to give and take criticism.

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50% off

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