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Meet our amazing speakers for GOI PROVOKE June 15th 2017 at the Mobile World Centre.

Here's a bit of their story and what motivates them to be leaders and innovators within the business community, their industry, or in their area of expertise and who are willing to impart their knowledge, insights, and personal stories to inspire us all.

Image Consultant - Entrepreneur

Throughout more than 12 years of experience Andrea has developed her own methodology that applies the analysis of specific areas of image, identifying personal and corporate needs by working exhaustively in the implementation of solutions to create a lasting impression.

She creates her Image consulting company in 2007 and in 2013 she founded ATELIER image and communication school, where she can enjoy another of her passions, teaching and therefore also teaches at the UAB and UPF.

Another characteristic that defines her is communication, she often collaborates with several medias like the program A Punto con la 2 (TV2), Cazamariposas (divinity), El Hormiguero (Antena 3) and Radio programs such as Estat de Gracia or El mati de Catalunya radio.

She currently has the weekly #Inandout section in LA VANGUARDIA Digital.

Social Entrepreneur

By combining a contagious enthusiasm with an incredible mission to promote social justice Mélanie has found a unique way to provoke thought and inspire change. 


At the young age of 30 she looks back at being an emergency care medical doctor and one of Switzerland's youngest chief residents, leading a team of 12 at Zurich's University hospital, to being an international yoga teacher and yoga teacher trainer, to making a radical shift in life and now becoming a social entrepreneur and coach in Barcelona. 


As the co-founder of the Impact Link, a start-up with the mission to revolutionise social contribution by transforming knowledge into kick-ass actions, Mélanie's currently expanding her expertise in social impact and sustainable living in order to contribute towards leading society from this disruptive era into a sustainable future. 

Business Coach, Mentor, Trainer

Born in the Netherlands, Hugo speaks fluent Dutch, English and Spanish and am based in Barcelona, Spain, where he has lived and worked for the past 8 years now.

Hugo helps leaders in business become a better version of themselves. If leaders get better, we all get better, be it the employee or a buying customer. So we all benefit. We all win.

Hugo brings a renewed awareness that inspires leaders to rethink how they show up and make small changes that bring big results.

Hugo holds a Masters Degree in Organisational & Industrial Psychology and a second Masters Degree in Leadership and Organisational Coaching. He has worked as an Organisational Psychologist and HR professional in various multinationals over the last 20 years.

English Voice Artist

Jo is a London born voice artist and singer living in Barcelona.  Music and performance have always been a huge passion for Jo and she has been fortunate enough to live this passion across many different countries, on many different platforms and for a whole variety of different audiences.

Jo’s performing arts experience spans 25 years and began when she was aged only 14 years with the Mountview Theatre School, (Muswell Hill, London). It continued on with the Boden Performing Arts School (Enfield, Middlesex) where she toured Europe with a young Show Choir and performed in London’s Westminster Cathedral.

Jo soon moved on from choral performances to make a name for herself as a solo artist in London’s music circles often featuring as headline artist in top London night spots.

The strong desire to connect with as many people as possible through her music soon took Jo farther afield where she toured for a number of months across Europe and the Middle East.

Jo holds a BA degree in English Literature & Theatre Studies the results of which still manifest themselves today. She continues to make the stage her home on every single performance and also brings a whole range of projects and commercials alive through her exciting Voiceover career where she continues to engage with audiences’ using her voice but from behind the camera!

Sports Ambassador

David' is originally from rural Galicia, Spain, his early life was based around a very successful professional football career which spanning 9 years saw him playing the Spanish leagues and over seas. 

Drawing on his extensive knowledge of the dynamics of football David embarked in a career as a professional football agent representing a vast array of international players.


David has since expanded his studies and ventured into areas of sales and neuroscience, always maintaining a sportsman mentality of hard work, dedication and creativity.


He currently applies these values to  coach, motivate and lead sales teams.

Visual Artist - Photography, Video and Installations

Ana Álvarez-Errecalde unifies her condition as artist and woman to combine two remarkable features: importance to the undervalued and transgression. As a visual artist she contributes to the construction of references of identity and gender to add to the imagery of a society that needs them. Situated on the margins of power, her work goes against societal mandates which imply the testing of alternatives and conceptualized proposals in order to carry out her work.

Ana Álvarez-Errecalde shares her experience about art as a catalyst for personal and social change. She started her career as an artist soon after her first son was born with a severe neurological condition in 1999 and turned to photography as a way cope and honor her son´s presence and beauty, regardless of his many challenges. 

Ana Álvarez-Errecalde is an Argentinian born artist based in Barcelona.  She delves into personal experiences such as vital cycles, immigration and motherhood. Ana is passionate about issues on childbirth, which she has addressed in the projects The Birth of My Daughter (2005) and Cesarean: Beyond the Wound (2009) and is critical of our unsatisfied consumerist society as seen in projects such as More Store(2008) and Objectivity (2017).


Her work has been featured in international press, books and magazines. She has exhibited throughout Europe and South America where examples of solo exhibitions include the City of Women Festival in Ljubljana Slovenia, the Centro Cultural de Espana in Buenos Aires Argentina, Galerija Klovicevi in Zagreb Croatia and the FAD-Foment Art i Disseny in Barcelona Spain.

Globally Minded Leader 

Majeed is a global minded leader with his Persian, Norwegian and Spanish life story. 


Majeed immigrated to Norway 1986 and after 20 years in 2006 moved to Barcelona living for last 10 years. Professionally inspired and driven by authentic leadership and personally a curious spiritual idealist mind. 


Majeed is a global business transformation leader, 25 years of senior positions in variety of business sectors.


Delivering projects to global 500 Fortune. Executive C-level facing companies with 10-80000 employees, solutions over 100 countries on scale of multi millions euros and leading risk and decision making industrial projects of scale of 10 Billion Euros. 

In addition to his daily profession Majeed is also professor at both EAE and La Salle business school in Barcelona, master in project management, ethics and leadership.


Gallery of Ideas was founded by 3 visionary pioneers who believe that in order to motivate we must first communicate.

Drawing from their very diverse backgrounds in business, coaching, networking, training, mentoring and presenting they have created a movement that helps people to develop skills, confidence and motivation as well as connecting individuals and business through mutual beneficial networking.

These events, seminars and training programs embody their 3 core principles: CONNECT, INSPIRE and PROMOTE which are the bedrock of any personal and business development.

Their business and message has grown exponentially since inception gaining followers, presenters and praise from all over the world.


With new events, seminars and training packages commencing monthly no doubt you will be seeing a lot more of them soon.


David Cabarcos
Ana & Jorge Bardenas
Ana Alvarez-Errecalde
Ana Alvarez-Errecalde
Hugo Immink
Hugo Immink
Andrea Vilallonga
Andrea Vilallonga
Andrea Vilallonga
Andrea Vilallonga
Mélanie Huser
Mélanie Huser
Mélanie Huser
Mélanie Huser
Majeed Hosseiney
Majeed Hosseiney
Majeed Hosseiney
Majeed Hosseiney
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