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Public Speaking for Creative Business Minds  



is divided into three sections:

Corporate Training

Corporate Events | Media Agency

Founded in Barcelona in 2016 

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When it comes to Public Speaking, people usually think content is king — we truly believe that CONFIDENCE is king —

The most effective people always lead when they speak.

They realise their power lies not in their title but in their degree of confidence — specifically, confidence in their ability to inspire.

GOI ACADEMY's program is designed for people to gain confidence in the mastery of public speaking skills. Even people who are confident in their speaking abilities can become more so with better training and preparation.

After completing our training program you will become more confident, persuasive and inspirational person every time you communicate and convey your ideas to others.



GOI Inspire, Dare and Provoke at the

Mobile World Centre 2016 - 2017

GOI Delight at Cafe del Mar 2018

GOI Seduce in Venue 290 Club 2019

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