Public Speaking Trainer & Keynote Speaker 

Patricia has spent over 20 years living and working with public speaking, cinematography and digital media in some of the world’s largest economic capitals such as Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Buenos Aires, Milan, Paris, Stockholm, and Barcelona. 


Patricia uses her unique mix of life experiences and pursuits to give her clients inspiring communication training - she has over two decades in the international entrepreneurial endeavours in foreign countries, speaking multiple languages, and an extraordinary passion to bring out the best in people.

Patricia is the curator and co-founder of GALLERY OF IDEAS and GOI ACADEMY. She strongly believes that to motivate, lead, grow, we ought to master the skill of communication. Be it a CEO who has to face crowds of thousands of people or a business executive giving a presentation to his or her team, confidence is key. 

Learn more about Patricia in this interview for Metropolitan Magazine  #PatriciaCurty #Interview #Barcelona #PublicSpeaking

Patricia is an authentic business guru extraordinaire! Her ideas are simple, strong and game-changing. After attending to her sessions, I feel energised and empowered, and motivated to go a step forward professionally as well as personally. 

I feel she leads with emotional intelligence. She is always in a pursue of the  best in you and that is an amazing talent not a skill!

Audrey Bellotto

Barcelona, Spain

I have had the pleasure of being trained by Patricia and she is simply brilliant. One of the best sessions I have had, she know how to engage her audience even if it is over the phone, very knowledgeable and you feel very comfortable to ask even those not so smart beginners questions.

Daniela Carla dos Santos

Sao Paulo, Brazil

I must say that Patricia is a very energetic and engaging presenter. She is a strong leader that possesses excellent presentation skills. It’s great to see how Patricia feels like a fish in the sea within a cross-cultural environment, she “eats challenges for breakfast” and transmits positive energy to everyone who crosses her way.

Viktorija Barkova

Barcelona, Spain

Patricia es una comunicadora por naturaleza que sabe motivar a quien se pare frente a ella. Una profesional, energética y dedicada con un gran don de la palabra. Gracias por compartir tus conociemientos, ha sido un placer conocerte.

Carolina Rocha Castelnuovo

Barcelona, Spain

Patricia has excellent public speaking skills. I could not only see her easily engaging participants in a subject they had little to do with before but also facilitating session with real life examples. She made her points clear and interesting. I found training with her particularly useful and enriching.

Agnieszka Metelska

Barcelona, Spain

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