Top 9 Language classes on Udemy

Ever wanted to learn a new language but never knew where to start, why not learn from the best teachers in the world?

English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic.

In this blog, I have compiled the top 9 language classes on the worlds most famous online learning platform Udemy. Each course has been attended by thousands of students worldwide and has amassed thousands of 5star reviews, so you already know they work.

If your serious about learning a new language, enroll today and start your linguistic journey.


Spanish for Beginners. The Complete Method. Level 1 The complete, non-stop SPEAKING Spanish course: Mastery of the basics for BEGINNERS - in a matter of hours, not years.

Bestseller Rating: 4.7 out of 5 54,395 students

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FULLY MASTER THE ESSENTIALS OF SPANISH IN A MATTER OF WEEKS, NOT YEARS! NO BORING "STUDY", ONLY NON–STOP SPEAKING. Join 60,000+ students on the bestselling Spanish course on Udemy! What students are saying:

EL MÉTODO allows you to:

► Speak, non-stop, from the very start. ► Produce thousands of practical phrases for daily use. ► Painlessly absorb structures and vocabulary at  A1 level. ► Make rapid progress, without the need to memorise or "study" in the traditional sense.


Right from the start, EL MÉTODO engages you in a non-stop spoken dialogue that requires no pen and paper. This beautifully simple resource allows you to use and understand basic Spanish in a matter of hours, without the need for tiresome attempts at memorisation or lengthy, grammatical explanations. This is achieved through a expertly designed, world-class methodology that builds up and practices the language in your mind and mouth, step by step, until you are able to form increasingly complex sentences with ease.

From the very start, you will be speaking your own sentences, effortlessly absorbing structures without even realising it. The method guides you through basic Spanish in a motivating and stimulating way.


Learn German Language: Complete German Course - Beginners Learn German with a Native Teacher. Complete Course - German for Beginners (A1,A2,A2+) German Grammar, German Vocabulary

Bestseller Rating: 4.3 out of 5 46,969 students

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The #1 German Course Highlights: 17 Hours - FULL HD Course / Exercises after each lesson / Subtitles in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Romanian, Turkish and Hindi / Interactive Board / Downloadable .pdf Files for each Lesson / Best Value for Money / Full Lifetime access / 30-Day Satisfaction or money back guarantee +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ We are top Udemy instructors in the Language category. Our language courses have been taken by over 120,000 happy students from 192 countries. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Complete German Beginner to Intermediate Course (A1, A2, A2+) In this course the native German speaking teacher covers the following topics: German speaking, German pronunciation, German writing, German grammar rules and patterns, German vocabulary, German conversation and communication skills. The interactive board and the subtitles help the visual learners and the immersion method used for teaching German accelerates the learning speed, the comprehension of the spoken German and the fluency.  The available subtitles make it the best choice for English, Spanish, Italian or any other non-native German speakers. The course starts from basics and includes free .pdf support and practice tests / quizzes. Deutsch lernen!


English for Beginners: Intensive Spoken English Course English speaking course. 77 Hours of English language speaking, English listening practice. 1000 English language words

Bestseller Rating: 4.3 out of 5 26,407 students

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Introducing LOGUS Your most powerful and intensive online English language course. It is a must-have English language course for complete beginners in English, who want to reach the intermediate level of spoken English language in the shortest time possible.   The killer advantages of English language course LOGUS that blow the competition out of the water:

  • It is not a short basic course of English language. It is a full beginner to intermediate course of spoken English. It is specifically designed to help you build all the necessary skills for the real-life day-to-day use.   

  • It is a 100% animated and interactive spoken English language course, which makes it very fun to use.   

  • You get over 77 hours of intensive spoken English language practice. Each English language lesson lasts about 1 hour and a half.   

  • It is 100% communicative intensive spoken English language course. You speak English language all the time and you say over 2000 English words in each lesson.    

  • LOGUS doesn't teach you separate English words. You learn everything only in the context.    

  • LOGUS is the only online video course obsessed with perfecting your speech fluency. What good is your knowledge of English grammar and words if you can't speak English fluently? Your fluency is our number 1 priority.   

  • English grammar is explained in extremely simple and      intuitive way, with tons of examples and many hours of listening and      speaking practice.  Needless to say, all English words and English grammar are translated into your native language.   All the vocabulary and grammar are translated into the following languages: English, Spanish Brazilian Portuguese and Hindi.


Spanish 1-4: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Learn Spanish with 323 lessons (109 hours of content) covering Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Spanish.


Rating: 4.2 out of 5 32,679 students

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This course is in fact 4 courses in one. You will go from complete beginner to advanced Spanish student. If you are not a beginner, we still have lessons for you! In this course, you  will find 323 videos covering vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and punctuation. These lessons break things down and cover topics in detail. This is Spanish for serious language learners. 323 lessons and over 109 hours of content! Every lesson has activities where:

  • You will be expected to put your knowledge to use.

  • You will create with the language and speak.

  • You will be able to ask questions and get answer from language professionals.

By completing the entire course (all 4 levels), you will be capable of holding your own in Spanish!

  • Talk with customers in Spanish.

  • Travel and use Spanish in one of the 20 countries where over 420,000,000 people speak it as their native language.

  • Even use your Spanish in the United States where there are over 37,000,000 native Spanish speakers.

Check out the lessons! You have 30 days to try out the entire course with 323 Spanish Lessons. Udemy offers a money-back guarantee, so you only pay if you are happy with the course.  Study. Learn. Use. (Meet people from Colombia and enjoy!)


Arabic language | The comprehensive course - Learn modern So you are already learning Arabic or willing to ? Perfect , This is where i'm going to boost your Arabic skills ;)

Bestseller Rating: 4.5 out of 5 11,569 students

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Welcome to the bestseller Arabic complete course on Udemy! This course is for absolute beginners to intermediate level+ (B1+) 1000+ minutes of contents to teach you Arabic language perfectly!  I have announced this course proudly years ago, and proudly sharing now with you, this is the bestseller Arabic course you find on Udemy and online! This course is going to give you the ability to learn Arabic language smoothly and easily, with a lot of new features that makes learning easier and more efficient. We never use boring teaching methodologies, but fun, interesting and attractive ones. This course includes both PowerPoint recorded videos and Camera videos, in order to make sure that i can deliver the best way of teaching to you This course includes the easy part, which is good for beginners and the part where things become serious, and it becomes even more difficult, such as level 2 Grammar and vocabulary, then to level 3 and so on. Afterwards you will be ready to start reading intermediate Arabic books, newspapers, and much more. It is time to learn verbs , and make perfect sentences with no grammar mistakes, so we arranged slides to start with random words, small conversations and discussions. We made sure that we are able to move forward and start making the process of having conversations with other smooth. English letters/alphabet is one factor that will help you to learn Arabic better, so therefore we have decided to record these videos using both Arabic and English alphabet ( check the free preview for more information ). You would be able to pronounce the words easily especially at the beginning of the course.


3 Minute French - Course 1 | Language lessons for beginners Learn to speak French you can use in everyday real-world situations - all in just 3-minute chunks!

Bestseller Rating: 4.6 out of 31,618 students

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I really want everybody to see that they can learn to speak French, so I’ve turned the first fifteen videos of this course into free previews, meaning you can watch them without even signing up. If nothing else, I just want you to see how easy it is to learn French.


As the name suggests, each lesson in this course lasts just three minutes (more or less!). In each lesson, you learn a tiny chunk of French that you can use to build sentences. As you work through the course, you learn more and more little chunks and your sentences will gradually get longer and longer.

The chunks that you learn in the first lessons are carried through to the last lessons. This means you don’t have to worry about trying to remember everything; you will get so much opportunity for practice that you will find the words and phrases just sink into your brain.

The lessons in this course are focused, practical and effective, and you will build language skills that you can use straight away in real-world situations. You will be able to speak French comfortably and with confidence whenever you’re in a French speaking country.


When you begin learning something new, you tend to start off with lots of excitement and motivation. You might spend a few hours on the first day learning, but then the next day, you can only manage one hour, and then that goes down to half an hour, and then you get bored and you give up. Well, the reason behind the very short lessons is that it helps you to stay motivated and it also enhances the learning process.

By keeping your learning to short chunks, you will find three wonderful things start to happen:


Online Japanese N5 Course(All 15 lessons) 日本語能力試験N5対応教材 (JLPT N5 Level Elementary Japanese Study Course)

Bestseller Rating: 4.5 out of 5

33,213 students

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日本語能力試験N5対応教材 (JLPT N5 Level Elementary Japanese Study Course) The “Online Japanese N5 Course” is Japanese study materials related to the JLPT N5 level. You can study vocabulary, expressions, and grammar that correspond to the JLPT N5 level. Furthermore, in order to advance communication proficiency in Japanese, you can watch video clips that show actual N5 level Japanese being used in daily conversations. All of the narration contains English subtitles, so that those learning Japanese for the first time can freely study the materials. In addition, for those countries unfamiliar with kanji, all of the Japanese is written in roman letters from Lesson 1 to Lesson 3, and all of the lesson examples are shown in English, so that all learners can study effectively.


Learn Italian Language: Complete Italian Course - Beginners Learn Italian Language faster - Italian for Beginners with Visual Support - Italian Speaking - Italian Grammar. Italiano

Bestseller Rating: 4.3 out of 5 22,738 students

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The #1 Italian Course Highlights: 8 Hours - FULL HD Course / Exercises after each lesson / Subtitles in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Romanian / Interactive Board / Downloadable .pdf Files for each Lesson / Best Value for Money / Full Lifetime access / 30-Day Satisfaction or money back guarantee +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ We are top Udemy instructors in the Language category. Our language courses have been taken by over 120,000 happy students from 192 countries. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Complete Italian Course - Beginners (A1, A2, A2+) In this course the teacher covers the following topics: Italian Alphabet, Italian vocabulary for beginners, Italian speaking, Italian pronunciation, Italian writing, Italian grammar rules and patterns including Italian verbs and tenses, Italian conversation and communication skills. The interactive board helps the visual learners and the immersion method used for teaching accelerates the learning speed, the comprehension of the spoken Italian and the fluency.  It includes free .pdf support and many exercises / practice tests / quizzes.


Chinese Made Easy L1: Understand 65% of Chinese in 10 hours Learn 65% of Chinese (Mandarin) and start speaking and reading in an engaging course with a unique teaching approach.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5 31,292 students

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