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Standing Meeting


Corporate Training for Better Communicators and Leaders



Public Speaking & Presentation Training

Full day & Half day Training

Everybody at some point in their professional career will have to perform a presentation and if you are involved in the two pillars of business, Sales and Marketing then these occasions will be frequent.


Effective public speaking and presentation skills can increase sales and streamline communication between departments, whereas bad communication skills can have serious negative effects on company and personal growth.


Sales Training

Full day & Half day Training

There is a massive difference in results between excellent sales people, good sales people and average sales people and this can largely be attributed to the individuals sales practices and techniques learned.


It would be wrong to say that natural charm and charisma don't play a part in sales, however with more savee clients and checkable internet results the process of sales is now more important than ever.


Leadership & Management Training

Full day & Half day Training

A role model to others and the driving force behind your team's success, great leadership will enhance the performance and results of any business, bringing out the best in others and enhancing results.

Engaging, effective management is the cornerstone of every successful business. Management is the link between your associates and everyone else reporting internally and externally. Therefore having a driven, focused and articulate management team is essential.


We understand that the success of any business relies heavily on its associates and more importantly their skill sets and motivation. In order to achieve “Kung Fu” in anything you need to train, whether you're an athlete or a window cleaner an inherent pride and dedication to a task coupled with the practical knowledge will always accumulate in the best results.


*Kung fu* can refer to any discipline or skill achieved through hard work and practice, not necessarily martial arts. 


We believe that one size doesn't fit all, therefore after an initial consultation we design each training package to fit your company's needs exactly.


Each module can be condensed into a 2 hour session with a maximum of four different modules covered in a full day. Each module can also be expanded into a full day 8 hour session on its own depending on how much depth you wish to go into.


Every module contains practical exercises, training manuals, certificate of completion and home study guides to continue ongoing development. 


Creative Thinking Workshop

Full day & Half day Training

Think outside of the box and more importantly redesigning it to fit back in the box can dramatically improve results, stimulate motivation and build collaborative team spirit. But without structure and process creative thinking can be little more than daydreaming.

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Team Building

Full day & Half day Training

When a group of individuals collaborate via working independently or together towards a common goal in a structured and organised unit to achieve results more efficiently and effectively than a single person could.  


Bespoke Courses

Full day & Half day Training

  • Coaching Skills for Leaders

  • Voice Coaching

  • Storytelling for Business

  • Women in Leadership

  • Effective Communication

  • Building Effective Teams

  • Mindfulness

  • Wellness

"Having good training, mentoring, persistence,  patience, passion, and grit are more important than any natural gift or talent." 


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