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Leadership Coach & TEDx Speaker Coach

Erik is a human connection catalyst and former relationship specialist for Louis Vuitton, Shangri-La Hotels, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, among others. He strongly believes in a world where we all live a life, we are
proud of. A world where joy, love, and connection are a norm, and where we are encouraged to bring our true selves to the table.

Erik is on a mission to inspire, facilitate, and guide people to authentically connect and communicate their value. With over 15 years of experience as a communicator virtually, on stage, and 1-on-1 around the world, human connection have been my life’s work.

He has coached and spoken for hundreds, often global leaders like Deloitte, SWIFT, Firmenich, Johnsson & Johssnon, and many more.

Erik was born in Colombia and adopted to Sweden, but has studied in Switzerland and the USA, and lived and worked in China, Germany, and 6+ countries. Currently, Erik is based in Barcelona, where he's experiencing the challenges and joys of writing his first book.


Steven Vandenabeele, Business Consultant,

RION, Belgium.

"His no-nonsense approach on communication and connecting people is second to none. He makes people think and define goals to act easy.”


Mette Reebirk, CEO Reebirk Business, Denmark.

“During the six weeks, Erik taught me very concretely how to reframe my communication and share my authentic story and expertise. He is a master at getting to the core of your potential as a human and letting you realize it.”

Natalia Montoya, Product Manager, SWIFT, Belgium.

"You don’t meet Erik, you experience him. I feel much more confident now as he embraces your personality to be better, not pushing you to be someone that you are not.” 

Imen Refifi, Network Engineer, HP Enterprise, The Netherlands.

“He showed us how to use our unique personality to shine brighter, rather than shy away from it. The training lasted only 2 days but it was a great learning experience for me and it was never a boring minute. Erik has a unique, cheerful yet powerful way to deliver advice and recommendations.”

Steinunn Ketilsdottir, Learning & Development Specialist at Marel, Iceland.

“Erik is a powerful coach with a good heart that encourages you to explore yourself. I feel like I see the real me in focus for the first time and understand how to communicate from my values
and why.”

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