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Meet our amazing speakers and artists for GOI DELIGHT MAY 10th 2018 at Café del Mar Club.

Here's a bit of their story and what motivates them to be leaders and innovators within the business community, their industry, or in their area of expertise and who are willing to impart their knowledge, insights, and personal stories to inspire us all.

Boosting your Charisma


Florian Mueck from Germany, based in Barcelona, worked as a consultant and business development manager for almost a decade for KPMG, the global advisory firm.


Since 2009 he has dedicated himself to helping companies improve their team performances and effectiveness by teaching them the power of persuasive communication and memorable presentations. His specialty is moving people to action in a fun, pragmatic, energetic way. Florian is the co-creator of the world’s first public speaking board game RHETORIC.


A collaborator of IESE Business School Barcelona and author of four books, Florian offers transformational communication seminars, keynote speeches and presentation coaching, in English, German and Spanish mainly to international brands like Banco Santander, Chupa Chups, Danone, Microsoft, Moët Hennessy or Zalando.

Stand-up Comedian


Xavier Castells is an ‘international Spanish’ comedian who has recorded two special for TV’s Comedy Central and recently won the Europe wide Haags Comedy Festival Competition in Holland.


After studying Stand up with some of the renowned teachers in the field as well as improvisational comedy and clown, Xavi won several national comedy awards.


He created and performed in three theatre productions – ‘Monologos Paralelos’, ‘Crazy Funny Comedy’ and ‘Men As Atrua’, all three of which enjoyed runs of over two years with great audiences and to critical acclaim.


Xavi then decided to perform in English and this has taken him all over Europe and beyond, with shows in USA (including Gotham NY), England (including Comedy Store London), Ireland, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, and Holland. Most recently Xavi has written and produced a new show called ‘Records & Guinness’, telling us about the world, and sharing some unbelievably true facts and weird news stories, all from his uniquely funny point of view.


He has also been hosting Comedy Central Specials and acting as Master of Ceremonies for some major events in Spain. Come along and enjoy one of the funniest and craziest comedians in Europe, and set your own Guinness Record for laughter.

Entrepreneur - Founder of Metropolitan Magazine


Esther Jones is an entrepreneur and mother of three. At the age of 26 and recently arrived in Barcelona, she founded Barcelona Metropolitan, the city’s magazine in English.


Two years ago she created The Noise Lab, a content marketing company specialised in communication in English. For the last ten years, Esther has also taught Hypnobirthing, a childbirth preparation method based on deep relaxation.


Esther’s life since launching Metropolitan has been a journey of learning on many levels. From the early years of long hours and plenty of self-induced stress to attempting to balance children and a growing company, and to the discovery of zen meditation, which she has practiced for several years.


Her personal experiences of business, motherhood and zen have shown her that happiness comes from being connected with ourselves and with others. She now enjoys using her experience to help other entrepreneurs find the inner calm needed to deal with the rollercoaster ride of business and life.

International Connector


Nagham is an International Connector, originally Lebanese.  

She assisted in the execution of several international development programs.

One of her most exciting projects while working with an International NGO was the implementation of the household resource management training focusing on opportunities and stressing the need for households to spread risk by diversifying income & consumption resources as feasible to build resilient households and communities which are better prepared to respond to recurring shocks and stresses.

Nagham works also in Business development helping companies grow their businesses by identifying, securing, and managing relationships with organizations outside of the company that helps other key functions at the company achieve their respective goals.

Catalyst for Change


Erik is on a mission to create a world where people value themselves, and others, as humans and where we inspire, motivate and grow one another collectively


He ignites your start buttons so you can live your full potential, reach your personal greatness and be unstoppable being you.


Just because too many keep telling you, “it’s not possible”, “you are not enough”, “you shouldn’t do that”, “you need to do that”… we believe in a story that is based on other’s hopes, dreams and expectations. To live is the rarest thing in the world, most people exist, and that’s all. We hold ourselves back, feel stuck, feel ashamed of ourselves...but still say we are ok.


After moving 18 times across 3 continents, Erik has taken time for himself and he’s here to give you all strategies he has learned to empower you to live your brand #liveyourbrand

Singer & Track Viber


Dasha was born in Odessa, Ukraine.


She started singing when she was 11 years old, as a soprano in classic and folklore music choir. Became choir soloist at 14 years old and toured all over the world until the age of 19.


She then moved to Spain when she was 19 and sang for the radios such as La Ser, Loca FM.


She also does many collaborations with DJs to mix voice with house music. 


Dasha participated in various classic vocal national competitions and took the Grand Prix in one of them.


She currently sings soul music in a local band in Barcelona.

Music Therapist - Songwriter & Yogi 


Daniel Padilha or Daniel Pam, is a Brazilian Music therapist, Musician, Songwriter, and Yogi.

In early years in Brazil he worked for the biggest recording studio in Latin America where he contributed to the production of many great Brazilian musicians, as well as world wide known singers and songwriters, such as George Benson, Rita Lee, Seu Jorge, Sepultura, Maria Bethânia, Paralamas do Successo, to name just a few.

By the time he was living in London, he had a spiritual awakening who led him to write his first solo album “Sense of self, which was later produced and recorded by Fabio Pinc in Brazil. This album remarks the beginning of a new personal era in his life with a new awareness about music and vibrations and its use for transformational and healing purposes.

Daniel Padilha moved to Barcelona in 2009 and became a father of 2 beautiful children. Eventually, he deepened his studies in the fields of music therapy, sound healing, and mystery arts and started using his skills to empower children, adults and old age people on their path of healing and self realisation, through therapeutic sessions, workshops and talks.  

CEO of Fluttr


Amleto Montinari is co-founder and CEO of Fluttr.


With extensive experience in the digital sector, he started working at PayPal in 2004, being one of its first employees in Europe.


After travelling several times to Silicon Valley, he fell in love with the world of startups and promised to start his own business one day.


After seven years as part of the JP Morgan team in London, becoming Vice President of Strategy for his division, in 2016 he decided to leave everything and start his new adventure with Fluttr.

Chef & Multifaceted Diamond


Since moving to Barcelona four years ago from Toronto, Canada, where Farida was born and raised, she has made this magical city her new home and playground.


Farida rose to the opportunity to reinvent herself by condencing all her acquired skills, talents and passions throughout her life and corporate career to create all her dreams into a reality - a multifaceted diamond. 


She started her own catering and events company called Elefante Trunk, which focuses on private and corporate events plus corporate meetings. She co-founded a company that imported and distributed premium alcohol brands into Spain and also plays as a radio show host on an English radio station Barcelona City FM.


She is involved with many social networks, one role, in particular, is being the VP for Events for the Professional Women's Network (PWN) in Barcelona where she organizes monthly workshops with guest speakers and moderates panel discussions based around gender equality and empowerment. 


She's also involved with various other projects and collaborations such as; comedy - particularly stand-up, writing - she's been working on a few novels and scripts, various retreats - organizing and also providing catering to, and of course, her true passion, anything and everything related to food.

Farida is excited to speak as at Gallery of Ideas Delight event, where she hopes to inspire, motivate and infuse some of her heart and soul as magical flavours into everyone else as she normally does with her cooking!

"If you think business and pleasure don't mix, you're not eating properly." - Farida-

Multi-genre Electronic Music


Speed and agility are two of the skills which define DJ Monka, who mixes different styles of music using scratch and turntablism techniques that are adjusted to the new and electronic music. His set is multi-genre which includes rock, reggae, hip-hop, funk, electronica, dubstep and drum and bass.


He’s performed at different venues, including clubs such as Sidecar in Barcelona or the Red Star near Tarragona. He’s also played in some significant festivals, such as Pintor Rock or Drum’n’Jam around Tarragona and Re-Sona near Lleida.


He’s made several video sets with multiple views, where there are two videos that stand out: The Drum and Bass routine which he mixes 12 tracks in 5 minutes and which reaches about 26K plays, and the ‘Killing in The Name’ by Rage Against The Machine which exceeds 30K views.


Gallery of Ideas was founded by 3 visionary pioneers who believe that in order to motivate we must first communicate.

Drawing from their very diverse backgrounds in business, coaching, networking, training, mentoring and presenting they have created a movement that helps people to develop skills, confidence and motivation as well as connecting individuals and business through mutually beneficial networking.

These events, seminars and training programs embody their 3 core principles: CONNECT, INSPIRE and PROMOTE which are the bedrock of any personal and business development. Their business and message have grown exponentially since inception gaining followers, presenters, and praise from all over the world.


With new events, seminars and training packages commencing monthly no doubt you will be seeing a lot more of them soon.



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