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If your idea of happiness is to live in a world where you can instantly get what you want, you’re already living in it. With a push of a button or the sound of your voice, you can get pretty much anything you desire instantly. A book, a song, a movie, a meal, a massage or even friends.


But living in this world where instant gratification is the accepted standard, what’s the eventual outcome? Don’t good things come to those who wait? What happens when we don’t have to wait for anything anymore? In a world of endless instantaneous need-fulfilling, is it still possible or necessary to teach the human virtues of patience, practise, and persistence? 


Over countless years, we’ve changed the planet and created civilizations. But what should we strive for now? We no longer believe in "this idea that people would go to college, study hard, get a degree, land an entry-level job at a big, stable company and work there way to the top. There are thousands of gurus and books out there encouraging us to leave all this behind, become an entrepreneur and make millions overnight “because it is that easy, right? 


But does the one size fits all formula work? Which one is the path to happiness and fulfilment? Get paid for time or value? Which side is the best side, employee or employer?


Where can you find true happiness? Should we take the blue pill—the story ends, we wake up in our bed and believe whatever we want to believe. Or should we take the red pill—we stay in Wonderland, and someone will show us how deep the rabbit hole goes?

Gallery Of Ideas, the best place for training, learning and performing.


 So, what should we strive for in 2020? 

Let's get started by getting off that comfy couch, because it's not about what we can get, it's about what we can become. 

Let's connect, hear incredible stories and meet extraordinary people.

Limited Discounted Tickets. Register Here.

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Created four years ago, GOI Gallery of Ideas annual conference has enjoyed a rapid rise to success thanks to three key features.


The first is the setting: Every year GOI is hosted in a different spectacular venue in Barcelona. The second is the programme:

GOI invites local and international Speakers, Dj's, Singers, Musicians to present their latest ideas and creations around one common theme. 'Seduce' is the theme for the conference on May 11th 2019.

The third and most important are the incredible attendees; creative entrepreneurs, media, film, fashion, hospitality, tourism, advertising, art, tech and mobility sectors. The ambiance is carefully curated by GOI co-founders, partners and collaborators, so real connections and business opportunities can naturally arise. 


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