20+ Valentine Day Gift Ideas for Her and Him

Updated: Jan 16

If your anything like me I always leave buying my partner a Valentines day gift till the last minute, then I run around the shops on the 13th trying to find something that says I love you, put a lot of thought into your gift and didn't just leave it till the last minute.

The end result is I always end up getting a shoddy looking ready made beauty pack from a high street shop which just reeks of last minute desperation.

This year, due to a little bit of thought , but lets be honest, out of Covid desperation we are all going to have to do more of our gift buying online and therefore thinking about it a little bit earlier so it can be delivered. So I'm starting right now on the 15th January.

Before I give you my top 20+ Valentines day gifts for Her and Him. I wish to give a big shout out to my wonderful, beautiful, inspiring best friend and mother of my three children Patricia Curty you truly have given my life meaning. Thank you for putting up with me. x

So here we go.


Perfume is always a favorite, just be sure to know what she wears!!! Here are some of the best offers I've found.

Jewelry is always a winner, and Swarovski can look amazing (and not break the bank)

Pampering ones self is a must, so let the love of your life spoil them selves in splendor with these bathroom products.


We are the hardest people to buy for, but to be honest we or I tend to be happy with anything. So for this selection I can only really go off what I would like myself (hope your reading this sweetheart)

Cologne, even us brutish men like to smell nice.

Random Electronic gifts I would love to have.

Clothes are essential but for valentines I like something special.

I really hope that you find the ideal gift for your loved one, if you have any gift ideas that you feel I could add to my list please let me know in the comments.

Have a very sexy Valentines.


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