The Easiest Way to Tour Cape Town with a Toddler

As COVID-19 has ensured that I've had the longest travel dry-spell ever, I have been beginning to question whether I should change my IG handle from perpetually_in_transit to wish_to_travel_again. And sadly, since my last trip was to Cape Town with my then 5-year old daughter in November 2019, this question is indeed warranted.

But then I am reminded of all the fun I had there with her and I know that there is no need to change those handles just yet. I know I WILL travel again and soon, and with her, my duaghter. So for now, let me tell you of the easiest way to tour Cape Town if you have a child with you.

I was thinking of building this up with suspense and then revealing the answer like some big secret. But I changed my mind.

The easiest, most convenient way to travel as a lone adult with a toddler in Cape Town is to book the Hop On Hop Off Tours by City Sightseeing.

That's us on one! We booked a 3-day hop on hop off tour package, explored all the routes including the purple route (wine tastings tours) and had an absolute blast. Of course there's no avoiding the selfie-stick when you travel in this manner, because of course, there is no designated photographer, like a husband who has tagged along!

So here are the common questions all answered right here:

(1) Why a Hop-On-Hop-Off?

Because with a toddler, you cannot be at the mercy of cabs in some locations of Cape Town. Hop On Hop Offs with their designated routes, cover almost every tourist-friendly place across the length and bredth of the city. The frequency of the buses is great too and as long as you are aware of the timetable (especially the last bus at wherever you are at any given point in time), you are assured of a safe, reliable and relatively cheap (in comparison to cabs) mode of transport to and from the local tourist attractions.

(2) Is Cape Town Safe to Travel Alone with a Toddler?

South Africa in general is notorious for her crime rate, and sadly so since she is a beautiful country that deserves to be on everyone's bucket-list. And so, the question is 100 percent valid. But as with most places, with a few good precautions and a hidden pepper spray or taser in your purse, Cape Town with a toddler is possible and fun too. To be honest, the only place that had me slightly on edge was Mariner's Wharf Hout Bay and though we did befriend a cape seal, I will probably skip it unless I am with a group for my next visit.

For all other places, including the most secluded beaches, we did not find anything even remotely worrying. That said, caution and alertness is always advised in Cape Town whether you are travelling solo or with a toddler, or with as a family or group for that matter.

So there, whether you are looking at solo travel to Cape Town or a trip with a toddler to gorgeous Cape Town, do try the hop on hop off bus tours. They are by far the safest, the easiest and the most convenient sightseeing option for the city. And the bonus, there is likely a hop on hop off bus stop quite close to your hotel anyway, unless you've chosen a residential suburb or a remote airbnb.

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See you next Monday!

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