Why Should You Have a Rough Itinerary for Your Travel?

Itineraries, in layman terms, are nothing but rough outlines of your travel plans. They include places you want to visit or see, things you want to experience and even events you do not want to (or should not) miss while you visit a particular destination.

By that definition then, itineraries are personal and each individual itinerary should be custom-designed according to the traveller's personal taste and traveller profile. For example, an itinerary for a family with kids will be and should be vastly different from an itinerary for a solo traveller who prefers to visit unique, off-the-grid locations, even when the destination in both cases maybe Paris. The family with kids might definitely consider a day tour or even an overnight stay at Disneyland Paris, while the adventure-loving solo traveller might want to tour the city's catacombs or even its sewer systems (yes, you read that right, that is quite the tour!)

You see what I mean. So ideally, an itinerary should be custom made for it to be your itinerary. But why should you have one in the first place? Why not experience the true footloose travel where you just go where life takes you? Why must you bind yourself to a set of events, sights or places?

I feel you. I get what you mean. Really! But there are three key advantages of having a draft itinerary for a destination that you plan to travel to. And these benefits are big enough for you to consider making (or even paying for) a custom itinerary. Here's what they are (and what makes me make and take an itinerary whenever I travel and frequently).

Save Time on Research

Not everyone books through a travel agent who has pre-existing knowledge of a particular destination. Not everyone has the time to spend countless hours surfing the internet looking at articles like '100 things to do in Paris' or '100 Not-to-Miss Adventure in India'. Not everyone has an eye for spotting the things worthy of their time when they have a limited number of days at a particular destination.

Itineraries are the solution to all those problems, a one-solution-fits-all! Getting someone to build an itinerary for a nominal cost is great, but getting one for free and that too custom-designed to suit your taste and travel style is perfect. And it sounds too good to be true too, right?

But it is not. My own company, YOTRIPP, offers custom 24-hour and 48-hour itineraries to any city of your choice! You must just fill up your preferences and location form, fill out your email address and that's it. A team of professionals will custom design your itinerary and email it out to you within 5 working days. Just get in touch with me via any of the platforms below and I'll send out more info.

Coming back to the point, here's advantage number 2.

Never Miss Out on a Sight or Experience that Appeals to You

When I first went to Brussels, I just covered the Atomium, mini-Europe and Brugge. Of course, I didn't know better. I did not do my research, nor did I have more than a few days to explore other (and sadly, more interesting and non-touristy) places. I missed out on so many things. Don't feel bad, I did go again, and I stayed for 3 years thereafter… of course, covering them all later. But that is beside the point.

If someone had made me a 48-hour itinerary, I would definitely have made better use of my time there when I went there on my very first trip. I was lucky enough to visit this gorgeous city again, but luck is always a variable element. Why not get it right the first time? Why not go in with a rough itinerary in mind?

Stay Within Your Budget Thanks to Careful Planning

Most of my trips are budget trips. I travel way too often for them not to be so. So I cannot afford to get stranded at a place in the evening where I have no choice but to call in a taxi and pay steep sums for the unnecessary commute. When I plan with an itinerary, I plan to cover all my destinations and minimizing my spends by ensuring that I am close to my hotel by the time I am done. I also calcite my routes, the subway/bus routes on wherever I plan to be during the say, where I'll be having my meals, so on and so forth.

With very little left to chance, I know exactly how much I intend to spend per day and more often than not I keep within my budget targets.

There are several more advantages for going in with a rough itinerary whenever you plan to travel. But these are the three I have personally experienced. Have you tried itineraries before? Are they as detailed as mine? Let me know via any of my social handles. I'd love to connect and discuss.

Oh and don't forget. If you need a custom itinerary for any of your future travels (for FREE), get in touch too. My team can deliver fantastic itineraries that you'll be happy with right from when you reach your hotel till when you're ready to leave. Get in touch. Today!

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