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Created three years ago, GOI Gallery of Ideas annual conference has enjoyed a rapid rise to success thanks to three key features.


The first is the setting: Every year GOI is hosted in a different spectacular venue in Barcelona. The second is the programme:

GOI invites local and international Speakers, Dj's, Singers, Musicians to present their latest ideas and creations around one common theme. 'Seduce' is the theme for the conference on May 11th 2019.

The third and most important are the incredible attendees; creative entrepreneurs, media, film, fashion, hospitality, tourism, advertising, art, tech and mobility sectors. The ambience is carefully curated by GOI co-founders, partners and collaborators, so real connections and business opportunities can naturally arise. 


The main focus this year is on "The Art of Seduction" how to reinvent global business that is beginning to emerge in transformative, game-changing ways. It will feature business leaders from around the world as well as an inspiring lineup of special artists you won’t want to miss.


This is a great opportunity to hear incredible visions for the future, exchange ideas, create business connections and to transform your own personal vision. All of that combined in an elegant and refined ambience that is a trademark of the creators of GOI Barcelona.

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