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World Class Public Speaking Coach

Connecting, communicating and being of service to her clients: that’s how Alba has spent the 22 years she has been living in BCN.   She is Colombian by birth, a citizen of the world by choice. Before BCN there was 3-year a stint in London, where she became fluent in English. She discovered her passion for public speaking 12 years ago, and then after years of getting trained, she made the switch to training others.


Alba is an enthusiastic, energetic, and polished speaker who is a strong believer in human potential and the power of positive thinking.  She also has a great knack for storytelling. She started at Toastmasters, the international public speaking organization and is also a graduate of Craig Valentine’s Public Speaking Coach training. Her experience includes giving training sessions and presentations in English and Spanish to companies in Spain, the US, as well as organizations in Latin America. And, she loves to share everything she has learned!


As  a world class public speaking coach, she knows how to bring out the best in every person she works with, helping them to achieve their personal goals through concrete technical tips, motivational strategies, and personalized feedback.


Alba is passionate about guiding you in your journey to becoming the best public speaker you can be. Warm, professional, experienced, she’s here to help you.


Jessica Breitenfeld

Team Whisperer

Therapist in Gestalt Psychotherapy 

"Alba is an excellent coach and understands the details and the brand effect of a well-practiced presentation or speech. She is known as Ms. Toastmasters in Barcelona. Such an encouraging professional. She uses humor, great understanding of the art of speaking and a warmness that helps you improve your speech, She helped me perfect my speech to win National Champion 2022"

Miguel Angel Callizo

Director de Canal DKV Seguros.

"Hace algún tiempo que tuve el placer de conocer a Alba Lucia Hincapié y lo que me sorprendió y cautivó definitivamente, fue la primera vez que presencié una de sus charlas o podríamos llamarlas exposiciones, por su magnifica retorica, amplio vocabulario,  manera de captar la atención del oyente, desde el principio hasta el final, todo ello acompañado de un magnifico "timing" y de una sugestiva expresividad.  La verdad es que se me hizo corto, me pareció poco y eso que su exposición duró unos 30minutos, me quedé con ganas de mas.  

Sus ponencias son más que interesantes, si cabe, y tiene la capacidad, que muy pocas personas tienen, de conseguir que el tiempo se detenga."

Peter McKenzie

CFO Anticipa

"Alba is an inspiring and energetic speaker who builds a wonderful connection with the audience. 

When I have been lucky enough to hear her speak, it seemed as though she was having a conversation directly with me. 

She provides clarity, humour and a value, with precise actionable takeaways that can be used after her session. 

A highly recommendable speaker"

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