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Elocution Coach | Pro English Trainer

As a native English speaker, originally from Scotland and having lived and worked in different countries, Lorraine knows only too well how frustrating it can be when learning a new language whether for work or pleasure - in today's global market, excellent English speaking skills are invaluable when it comes to growth and credibility.

Lorraine has 25 years’ experience giving both business and general English training, online and in-house and strongly believes that one of the advantages of being an English trainer, especially at this time when most of her training is online, is being able to work with people from around the world with different backgrounds and cultures. 

Her success in this competitive and demanding market is due to her flexibility, motivation, ability to recognise needs, set targets and help others achieve their potential while growing in confidence and succeed in professional environments due to stronger English language communication skills. Lorraine has worked with groups and individuals of varying levels, ranging from beginners to advanced (A1 - C1/2) and has gained valuable experience in many different sectors including finance, manufacturing, the catering industry (hotels and restaurants) and some of the biggest banks and organizations in Luxembourg.

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Alesia Syshcenko - Senior Accountant

Highly satisfied with the work quality, professionalism and flexibility of teacher!! I recommend 🙂

Dinara Chek - Revantage, Luxembourg 

I have learned so much in my Business English classes with Lorraine during the last year. Classes with Lorraine have been so worthwhile. I was already an advanced student, but I learned something from every class, plus she made class interesting and fun. Lorraine is really good at connecting the course material with everyday office life examples. This made everything more relevant and easy to learn.

Excellent teachers require so many positive qualities like care, dedication, patience and commitment. Lorraine has all these qualities in abundance. Thank you Lorraine! Keep up the great work!

Eva Stein - Head of Kelly Recruitment, Luxembourg

Il y a quelques années j’ai eu professionnellement l’ opportunité de prendre des cours d’anglais, avec Lorraine.
J’ai particulièrement apprécié son savoir être, sa pédagogie et son professionnalisme.
J’ai eu la chance que nos chemins se rencontrent à nouveau, il y a quelques temps.
Et j’ai de suite souhaité faire bénéficier mes enfants de 10 ans et de 13 ans, de son savoir faire.
Ils ont tous les deux apprécié leur cours avec Lorraine. Ils étaient heureux et motivés d’apprendre .
Et Yohann  ( dyslexique )s’est complètement épanoui dans ses cours d’anglais et a bien pris confiance dans l’apprentissage de cette nouvelle langue pour lui. Lorraine est une enseignante fiable, rigoureuse et qui aime ce qu’elle fait. Son long savoir faire dans ce métier qu’elle aime et son implication, font d’elle une formidable enseignante et une belle personne que j’ai découverte.

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